Start a parking Business

Public parking

Today we live in a digital world where we are using variable applications to make our daily decisions whether it is optimal routes to drive to work or finding the best place to have dinner.

HalaPark has brought the same convenience to the public parking  opening hundred of public car parks to the digital world. Now paying parking fees are more convenient with HalaPark app.

Private Car Parks

HalaPark helps private car park owners to earn extra revenue for un-occupied parking spaces.

You can provide short-term parking or long-term subscriptions. Decide the time when the visitor is allowed to enter. All this, plus secure access control hardware and real-time operations monitoring environment.


Many public buildings car parks still operate with Pay machines. They are expensive to maintain and inconvenient to use.

HalaPark is the ideal technological solution to allow the public authorities to collect mobile parking payments, organize their parking policy and manage the entire parking environment from a single platform.


We increase the utilization of marine facilities and significantly reduce the effort for check-in procedures, allowing even more focus on customer service.

For private mooring owners and marines this is the way to earn additional revenue from moorings during the time they are not utilized.